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A quick recap on ATS Singapore 2014

It’s interesting that SAP Development Day coincide with some of the Advertising Industry Event this week, starting with ATS Singapore 2014 (Don’t ask me the meaning of the abbreviation) on Monday, Ad Tech 2014 on Tues/Wed and World Federation of Advertisers Meeting (A full-day sharing session with various marketers in the industries, and no, it’s not a full-day bashing sessions on agencies. More on that later :)) on Thursday.

Courtesy of SAP Programmatic Platform Vendor DataXu, I managed to attend the ATS Singapore 2014. The ATS event gathered the industry players in the programmatic advertising space, with key topics surrounding jargons such as “programmatic”, “real-time bidding (RTB)”, “Demand Side Platform (DSP)”, “Data Management Platform(DMP)”.

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