Hey Stadium…

National Stadium: Juventus v.s Singapore Selection

It was your big day, first football match in history of the new you.

This time round, never mind you were half-filled with tickets holder and free loaders, it’s still quite a carnival. People lining up for long queue of hot dogs, Cold beers and fries.. pockets of Juventus fans scattered around, and die hard Singapore fans wearing reds from corner, attracting curious eyes from onlooker (I supposed it’s a rare breed being a died hard Singapore Lions fans nowadays).

The match ended at 5-0 I’m sure you tried your best to entertain us, although I must said your pitch looked awful. We saw glimpse of Pirlo free-kick, Progba’s sizzling run, and we participated in random acts of Kallang wave, trying hard to reminisce the good old days,

And yes, the good old days they were. And how I missed them..

You cheered with us when Sundram did that fake side step passed for  Fandi to score and cried when Lim Tong Hai scored the infamous 2 owned goals, And remember that famous match? The same old you that went into berserk when Singapore thrashed Brunei 7-0.  In that classic match, which Alistair Edwards score one of the quickest goal in Malaysian League, Sundram (again) did the famous bicycle kick and Steven Tan score the minute he came in as sub, all in one match, and most importantly, I was there.



Good old Kallang Stadium

And good old you, where are the Curry Puff boys now? Who  used to stroll around  during match, selling curry puffs and drinks, and when match started, the boys would just sit along your pathway, watching the match. How they managed to enter is still mystery to me.

And that Milo Drink Stall, which sold the best Ice Milo in town- the super-diluted version.

And the Airhorn 9 times plus “Butuh” Chant. Did you remember that?

And long walk back to Kallang MRT. After each match, the long walk back to Kallang MRT could be either a dreadful walk when lost or celebrated march when won.

But well, the good old you has gone now so I need to start getting used to the new you, with new shopping malls and climbing walls.

I’m sure someday you will win over me, with  stories of your own, of celebration and joy, of despair and disappointment. Someday…

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