No Free Lunch: Amplify your content through Paid Channel

With all the focus surrounding Pull Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, many times Paid Media (banners, advertising) seems so “uncool”. In the world of inbound, we love our content to be organic searchable and viral spreadable. We crossed-finger that our content will be read and retweeted, and salivated by thousand fans. However realistically, a quick look at our omniture traffic shows that 70% of SAP visitors never go beyond 2nd pages, and industry study shows that live span of twitter post is less than a coffee break (18 minute to be precise). As marketers, of course we love to create that OREO moment but, anecdote evident suggest that this type of “Oscar Award” kind of campaigns happen only once in blue moon and more often than not, we still need to spend some $ to ensure we maximise our reach to target audience.

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