Hyperconnected Asia Showcase: Internet of Things in Action

Hyperconnected Asia Showcase
According to Wikipedia,

“Hyperconnectivity is a term invented by Canadian social scientists Anabel Quan-Haase and Barry Wellman, arising from their studies of person-to-person and person-to-machine communication in networked organizations and networked societies.[1] The term refers to the use of multiple means of communication, such as email, instant messaging, telephone, face-to-face contact and Web 2.0 information services”

The term was coined back in 2005, and fast forward 10 years later,  “Hyperconnectivity” has never been so right, except we shall now add “machine-to-machine communication” to the mix, and of course we now give it a sexier name: Internet of Things (IoT).

Last Friday, my company SAP kicked off Hyperconnected Asia Showcase in Singapore, showcasing some of the real life examples of IoT applications across different industries from Healthcare, to Sports to Retail  and I’m privileged to get involved as one of social ambassador.

Let me do a quick round up on some of the showcases:

1. Connected Logistic: Hamburg Port Authority

Most truck drivers are paid by per mile or per trip which means more time on the road will result in better pay for them. Good news for truck drivers in Hamburg, who now can make more trips through better traffic and shipping information.  Trucks are fitted with tablets and link up to Hamburg’s Port Logistic System, which supplies traffic information, available parking lots and shipping information. So rather than waiting for hours in traffic, they can divert to new route, or to the nearest parking lot for a good rest. And what’s more? Transport orders can be tracked by freight companies in real time.

Check out the video here:

2. Connected Sports: Germany Football Association uses IoT and Big Data

Also known as 12th man that help Germany to win World Cup, SAP Match Insights helps Germany team in preparation and post analyses of the matches during the World Cup in Brazil. In practice games, players wear wireless sensors to relay geospatial and performance data in real time, though these are not allow in real match, due to safety reasons (Mourinho, sorry!).  Since winning the World Cup last year,  many clubs have since taken notice of the technology, including none other than former Brazil’s former national soccer team coach Luiz Felips Scolari.

SAP Match Insights

Check out the video here:

3. Connected Smart Vending Machine: Look mum, no coins.. 

Debuted in SAP SAPPHIRE NOW in 2014, this smart vending machine has made way to Asia and now sit comfortably in SAP Singapore office.

Using NFC mobile wallet for payment, the smart vending machine is able to personalize offerings, special offers, link to social profile, and even  send “gifts” to facebook friends. In addition, it’s machine to machine (M2M) connected  to provide real-time information on timing of purchase, stock outs, product movement, machine down-times, thereby increasing efficiency and revenue for retailers.

I’m not sure if i will send a can of Coke to my friends on Facebook, but one thing for sure: This thing will sell well in Japan!

SAP Smart Vending Machine

Further reading on Smart Vending machine, read here and here or check out this video demo:

4. Connected Health: App for personalized health management

Internet of Things is revolutionizing healthcare, from fitness, to remote health monitoring and even smart diapers.  SAP and Roche created a mobile app  to enable doctors to follow the progress of diabetes patients via a dashboard on their tablets or computers in real time. Any changes to patient’s indicators, health experts will be alerted for further action.

Connected Health


Check out video here:

5. Connected Consumer: Retailers are watching you

With connected devices and smartphones and using of In-store technologies such as beacons, retailers can now monitor floor traffic, identify customers and provide personalised shopping experience using shopper buying habits, preferences, and behaviors all in real time. (Orwell is smiling)

My wish list? Retailers that instantly recognize me as a guy waiting for my wife to done with shopping, and provide me with a charging station for my battery-depleted iPhone, and something that require no IoT, a comfortable sofa chair please!


For more information on Internet of Things and how IoT is transforming industry, do sign up for Hyperconnected Asia Virtual Forum on 18 March, 2015.

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